Repairs & Modifications

A plastic injection mould tool is a significant investment and it is important that when issues occur in production that the tools can be repaired to reduce the impact of breakdowns. We also find that many customers want to realise the best value out of their investment and look to up issue parts in a tool rather than invest in new tooling and sometimes when practical to do so will replace an obsolete product with a new part utilising an existing bolster set and hot runner system.

Many of our customers look to adapt their existing tooling to enhance product designs or modify existing mould tools to produce up issued products. We are also experienced in the repair of existing tools when there is a breakdown or to re-instate cavities that may have been turned off in production due to cavity damage or perhaps water leaks. By supporting these issues we can help to maximise your tooling investment.

Our experienced Toolmakers are fully competent in all forms of tool construction specialising in multi-cavity complex production moulds and can deliver the simplest through to the most complex of tool modifications.

When tools are returned we recommend taking advantage of our maintenance and servicing program to extend the life of the mould tool and assist in reducing the risk of potential breakdowns in production. This will also identify any wear issues at an early stage.

At Phoenix we understand that it is not always commercially viable to invest in new tooling for every change made to a product, when enhancing its design or function. Therefore we are committed to maintaining your tooling to the highest standard throughout the life of component manufacture to maximise your investment.

If you have a particular tooling issue that you would like to discuss, call us now and see if we can help.

What are the benefits?

  • Optimise your tooling investment
  • Extend the life of your mould tool
  • Maintain product quality through production
  • Maximise mould tool efficiency
  • Simple through to complex repairs and modifications
  • Preventative tool maintenance program between runs reduces breakdowns
  • Early identification of potential wear issues

Please contact us should you wish to discuss a particular repair or modification to existing production mould tooling on 01403 269005