Pre-Production Tooling

Over many years we have assisted customers in the development of a product taking it from concept through to production tooling. The process can follow many forms and the solution we recommend is often bespoke to the project in hand.

At an early stage we can provide rapid prototype samples on site utilising our HP Designjet Colour 3D Printer. This can allow engineering and marketing the opportunity to have a finished component produced in ABS material to review and complete some functional testing before moving to a tooling solution. We can also offer Steriolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintered (SLS) prototypes as a manged surface should they be required.

To mould a product in various thermoplastic materials or in the specified material for production we can manufacture dedicated pre-production mould tool solutions. These can take different forms such as a basic Modular Insert System, Basic Mould Tooling or complex single cavity tools with hot tip feed.

The Modular Insert System is a part owned solution where we would manufacture a dedicated unit to fit within one of our universal bolster sets complete with integral ejection system. All of the options we offer allow for adjustment and development of the product and can provide significant information to aid the transfer to full production tooling.

If you have a particular pre-production requirement you would like to discuss then please contact us for more information.

What are the benefits?

  • Low cost rapid prototypes to prove a concept or product
  • Basic mould tool construction
  • Soft alloy, pre-toughened steel or fully hardened tooling
  • Form can be cut direct into tooling plates avoiding added cost of inserts
  • Simple through to complex product features accommodated
  • Wide range of thermoplastic materials can be moulded
  • Dedicated temperature control
  • Modular Insert Systems provide core/cavity detail and ejection in a universal die set system
  • Basic Mould tool construction for straight open/shut single impression tools
  • Complex single impression hardened tooling before moving to multi-cavity production tools

Please contact us on 01403 269005 to discuss a particular repair or modification to existing production mould tooling