Our site in Horsham, West Sussex boasts an extensive and fully equipped toolroom with experienced engineers to manufacture and service your mould tooling solutions. We deliver a comprehensive tooling service – from servicing, repairs and modifications to existing tooling through to pre-production development tools, production tools and sub-contract services.

For more information on our range of tooling solutions call us now on 01403 269005.

Why come to Phoenix for your mould tooling:

  • UK manufactured tooling
  • One site of manufacture
  • Fully equipped toolroom facility
  • Experienced and apprentice served toolmakers
  • Knowledge of a wide range of tooling types
  • Production tools designed to meet component requirements
  • Secure storage of mould tooling

Our range of tooling options include:

  • Pre-Production Development solutions
  • Tool trialling and proving facility up to 280 tonne press size
  • Basic straight open and shut tools
  • Complex side action movements
  • Hot and cold feed systems
  • Complex single and multi-cavity tooling solutions
  • Modification and refurbishment of mould tools

Our extensive mould tool facility offers a range of machines, including CNC machine centres, conventional Mills and Lathes, Spark Erosion, Wire Erosion and Surface / Cylindrical / Jig Grinding overseen by our Tooling Manager, John Horspool.

We have a quality inspection department to ensure repeatability and dimensional accuracy utilising CMM, shadow graphs and dedicated measuring equipment.

Our toolmakers work from CAD data and fully detailed drawings to manufacture the mould tooling to a high specification that will deliver the production volumes required. Supported by VISI 20 , Draftsight, One CNC and Alphacam software, the team manufacture mould tool solutions from high quality materials sourced in northern Europe.

We boast a dedicated area within our facility to ensure mould tools are stripped down in a safe and systematic manner. Our highly skilled Toolmakers provide a comprehensive service, repair, modification and replacement program to extend tool life and maximise tooling investment. Drawing on our engineers experience we are able to provide customers with an exceptional level of technical knowledge and customer service surrounding all elements of injection mould tooling.

Should you have a project that you would like to discuss with us come and speak further with our team.

Tooling elements we will consider include:

  • Determine the material to be used for the mould tool – from soft alloy, pre-toughened or fully hardened tool steels
  • Number of cavities to meet production volume
  • Draft angles to facilitate surface finish of component
  • Gate position to optimise the fill process
  • Ejection system to allow extraction from the mould tool
  • Determine suitable temperature control of tool as well as individual cavities for optimum cycle
  • Type of feed system
  • Aesthetically acceptable

Phoenix and Mould Tool Manufacture:

Toolmaking is our area of excellence and our many years of experience enable us to advise our customers on the most suitable tooling option or service programme for their tooling project. The mould tool selection is a crucial phase of any plastic injection moulding project – the configuration, material and design can determine the overall success of a product in relation to cost, functionality, cycle and maintenance.

If you are ready to review the tooling for a new project consideration must be given to the type of mould tool that will be required as it will influence the overall success of a project. We welcome the opportunity to assist at an early stage, working closely with you to establish the right fit for your tooling requirements. We are also a centre of excellence for the servicing, repair or modification of your existing mould tooling working closely with our customers to manage the process minimising downtime in production and will look to schedule work when mutually convenient.

What are the benefits?

  • Optimise your tooling investment
  • Extend the life of your mould tool
  • Maintain product quality through production
  • Maximise mould tool efficiency
  • Simple through to complex repairs & modifications
  • Preventative tool maintenance program between runs reducing breakdowns
  • Early identification of potential wear issues

Please contact us on 01403 269005 to discuss a particular repair or modification to existing production mould tooling