Our many years of experience allow us to offer the best advice to our customers on the most suitable tooling configuration, method of repair / modification and associated costs with servicing and maintenance but is dependent on having as much information as possible provided to us at the outset of a project.

The information that we would require at the initial quotation stage would be:

  • Component drawing, model , sketch or product sample
  • Product specification such as application and operating environment
  • Product base material (if specified)
  • Annual usage or potential batch sizes
  • Number of impressions required for multi-cavity tooling
  • Fully detailed information of areas requiring repair
  • Full information on design changes to up issue or modify a product

Servicing, repairs and modifications can prove difficult to quote accurately as there are always unknown’s when stripping down a mould tool that has been run in production. Elements of wear can become apparent at this stage of the process that were not initially expected. We look to charge a standard hourly rate and will always be happy to offer a guide price for the expected cost of such work at the outset so a purchase order can be raised. It is important to build trust and we work an open approach in relation to cost.

All new tooling is quoted by calculating the expected cost of all bought in items together with sub-contract services and an hourly charge rate is applied to the estimated hours to complete the manufacture of the mould tool taking in to account all in-house resources.

If you have a particular requirement you can contact us for a quotation.

What are the benefits?

For new tooling we would work with you to evaluate the design of the product for ease of manufacture and to identify any potential cost savings to the tool configuration. This will enable us to complete the initial review stages and allow us to provide you with a detailed quotation for the work to be undertaken with any costs for bought in items such as Hot Runner Systems broken out within the quotation for ease of review.

It is crucial that we are quoting like for like against our competitors and would always ask that the quotations are considered to ensure this is the case. If you feel our quotation is not competitive or we have not quoted the same method of tool construction then please refer back to us before any decisions are made so we can review our position.

Please contact us should you wish us to quote for any upcoming work on 01403 269005