Phoenix incubation

Nine months of incubation for a renewed Phoenix Engineering

Amazingly it has now been nine months since Pentagon Plastics acquired Phoenix Engineering and after a period of incubation a new Phoenix has been delivered.

The UK based engineering firm provides a comprehensive service to plastic injection moulders offering mould tool servicing, repair, modification, pre-production development, production tools and sub-contract services. Specialising in complex multi-cavity tooling Phoenix prides itself on its depth of skill and engineering capabilities.

July acquisition

Since the acquisition back in July 2016, much of the focus has been on the internal procedures and processes of the company. Moving away from the use of Excel spreadsheets and out dated in-house computer systems the company now operates from a fully integrated Supply Chain Management system. This allows better management and monitoring of the workflow, provides improved visibility of work in progress, will provide a detailed work history on mould tools and allows the business to operate tighter control over the company finances. Phoenix is now far better equipped to continually monitor KPI’s and ensures that customer service levels are maintained at every stage.

In the workshop John Horspool continues to oversee the engineering team and through a process of analysis and re-organisation he has realigned his skilled work force to better serve our customers in their particular areas of expertise. Looking ahead Phoenix intends to expand its current workforce to ensure the level of expertise is maintained with training the key to delivering the toolmakers that it will need to support the business going forward and maintain high levels of service.

In addition to these IT and structural improvements, Phoenix has also gone through a rebranding process. With a fresher and more modern look the new website was launched in February and has received some very positive feedback, successfully introducing new people to the brand. Phoenix Engineering is also now featuring more in industry press and as a result the company has enjoyed discussions with new and prospective customers alike.

As part of a new initiative Phoenix took part in its first ever trade event ‘Meet the Toolmaker’ in February which is a fantastic networking event run by the GTMA and BPF. The success of the event has definitely encouraged the business to exhibit at other industry events in the future.

Increased turnover

Perhaps the most exciting news to date though is that Phoenix has begun to see a steady increase in turnover as these new working practices bed in, showing that the company is moving forward and making the right changes to pave the way for a secure and fruitful future.

Paul Edwards, Owner and Managing Director of Phoenix Engineering says ‘I have been questioned as to why I invested in a Toolmaking firm when there is so much uncertainty around the economy and manufacturing but it has proved a shrewd move in my opinion. Experience has shown us that last year was a slow one for Tooling so to me it seemed the perfect time to acquire the business ‘next door’. This has allowed us time to review the workings of the business and implement subtle changes that will have far reaching effects in improving the efficiency and allow us to support our customers in a more systematic way. The initiatives are proven and therefore we have the confidence that they will make a true difference. ’

Phoenix is a company to watch as they develop to support their loyal customer base and look to put best practise techniques in place. UK manufacturing is getting stronger by the day and it is companies like Phoenix Engineering that will ensure the future in the global market and make developing trade agreements a much simpler process.

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