Plant List

4 x CNC Mills

2 x CNC Lathes

9 x Spark Eroders

1 x Wire Eroder

7 x NC Mills

4 x Lathes

5 x Surface Grinders (4 with opti-dress)

2 x Cylindrical Grinders

1 x Jig Grinder

2 x Cutter Grinder

4 x Pillar Drills

2 x Horizontal Saw

System 3R Work Holding





Draft Sight

HP Design Colour 3D Printer

Associated Fixtures & Cutters

Inspection including CMM

What are the benefits?

  • Optimise your tooling investment
  • Extend the life of your mould tool
  • Maintain product quality through production
  • Maximise mould tool efficiency
  • Simple through to complex repairs & modifications
  • Preventative tool maintenance program between runs reducing breakdowns
  • Early identification of potential wear issues

Please contact us on 01403 269005 to discuss a particular repair or modification to existing production mould tooling