Plastic Injection Mould Tooling UK

Your Bespoke Tooling:

Phoenix Engineering provides a comprehensive service to plastic injection moulders as your centre of excellence for mould tool servicing, repair, modification, pre-production development and production mould tools. Through our extensive machine selection we also provide a subcontract machining service. Based in Horsham, West Sussex our UK engineering business offers a wealth of technical mould tool knowledge and experience.

We provide extensive tooling skills to our diverse customer base, spanning a wide range of industry sectors and specialise in complex multi-cavity tooling.

To find out how Phoenix Engineering can help your business with any element of your mould tooling requirements, call us today on 01403 269005.

Our Mould Tool Services:


Complete mould tool strip down and cleaning service replacing all worn elements: -

Standard process is a full mould tool strip down replacing all o’ring seals and water plugs. All plates and vents are cleaned before the tool is re-assembled, lubricated and protected against corrosion.


Replace or repair worn elements of mould tooling:-

On receipt of your tooling we will evaluate the affected area to establish the best method to complete a seamless repair and this can also incorporate a full Mould Tool Service if required.


Adjustment/replacement of change areas of the mould tool: -

Modifications will be completed to your instruction with optimum method of manufacture incorporated at every stage, extending the life of your tooling or up issuing a component. We would also recommend completing a full Service.

Pre-Production Development

Developing a product before committing to production tooling: -

We can provide modular insert systems, basic full tools or complex single impression tooling to prove products before investing in bespoke production tools.

Production Tools

Full production tooling from single impression through to multi-cavity: -

We manufacture high quality single impression mould tools through to multi-cavity tooling specialising in Hot Runner and fast cycling tooling systems made from hardened steels to ensure longevity.

Sub-Contract Machining

Extensive range of machining services available: -

We have a wide range of machines and fill capacity by offering our customers general conventional machining, CNC turning or milling, wire or spark eroding and grinding services.


What are Plastic Injection Mould Tools

Plastic Injection Mould Tools consist of two halves that clamp together to create an air gap between them that forms the shape of the product to be moulded. One is known as the fixed half and stays static in the machine with a feature to allow the plastic resin to enter the mould under pressure. When the plastic has cooled sufficiently the tool is split open with the product being held on the moving half of the tool. This will usually have a system to eject the product from the tool. Production mould tools are generally manufactured from steel whereas low volume and pre-production development tools can be produced from either steel or aluminium.

How we can help…

From servicing, repair and modification of injection mould tools that are run in our customers mould shops, extending to the manufacture of pre-production development or complex multi-cavity production tools, we are able to cater for all of your mould tooling requirements. We aim to offer a comprehensive in-house service and would welcome a call on 01403 269005 or email for more information.